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Fabulous, Dahhhling!
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Don't be afraid to comment! Your words mean an awful lot, and though I may not always reply quickly... I really, really appreciate every compliment/critique/fave/watch/comment thrown my way! :meow:

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Skeleton Ghost Lamp Prop by ChaoticInsanity13
Skeleton Ghost Lamp Prop
This is a project that I did last year for my 3D Design class; we were assigned to build a lamp. I spent many, many hours on this guy. The skeleton is made of tinfoil and masking tape, the articulated joints are held together with sinew, the wings are felt, the fabric is... something... (I don't know.) He has fluorescent lightbulbs in his head and chest, and stained glass in his eye sockets.

The wings, simply made of felt, hot glue, and wire, are wearable. I actually built them as a commission for someone who is an avid Valentine's Day fan. Going from a ghosty skeleton to Cupid is an interesting transition, if you ask me.

If you want to see more photos, here!…
'The Garbageman' Torso Prop by ChaoticInsanity13
'The Garbageman' Torso Prop
Just a friendly reminder not to let those grocery bags under your sink build up too much... Plastic demons may be hazardous to your health.

This is a creature I threw together over the last day or two. He has a base of chicken wire and his 'flesh' is an amalgamation of melted grocery bags. I intend on painting him to make him look charred and corpsey. I have no idea how he'll turn out, but he's been dang fun to make so far, so I look forward to whatever happens next!

He almost looks like he should be something from Silent Hill. Imagine wandering a house and THIS crawls out from under the sink. No thanks!
Hello, friends and watchers!

If any of you like vampires as much as I do, you'd better check this out:…

It's a vampire artbook in the works, with more than thirty-five amazing contributing artists. The project is overseen by my friend PhantomSeptember and it's pretty darn awesome. All of the artwork has been done; all we need to do is publish the glory! The more money the project earns, the more compensation the artists (including myself!) will receive. Help and support would be much appreciated. :)  Please check it out!


In other news, the costume I'm working on this year is insanely difficult and I'm coming across many hiccups that are slowing down the process. I have less than two weeks to finish it (because I work at a haunt each weekend in October), so cross your fingers and wish me the best! 
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I haven't updated for a while. But! I am here. Alive and well. And muuuuch happier than I was during the summer.

Here's what I did this summer:
:bulletblack: Moved back into my mom's place after school because free rent. 
:bulletred: Co-authored a book with my mom. I spent probably a hundred hours writing and rewriting and formatting and all that good stuff. It's published now, thank heavens. 
:bulletblack: Jumped into a relationship and then out of it again three weeks later. He was wonderful to me, but I just couldn't picture a happy future with the guy. We're still friends, though, so all is well in that realm.
:bulletred: Worked five days a week for minimum wage, part-time. Took up an awful lot of time and I don't have much to show for it. 
:bulletblack: Attempted to finish my bat costume. Didn't.
:bulletred: Went on vacation to Lake Powell with my mom and stepdad, some family friends, and Dani-Jones. Had a grand old time swimming, fishing, and toad-hunting. Ending my summer vacation with an actual vacation was much needed and incredibly revitalizing.
:bulletblack: Packed my stuff and moved back to the college the day after coming home from Powell. It was a lot of work.

Anywho! So now I'm back at the college. Now that I've finished my generals, I'm only taking classes that I care about. I'm very excited, particularly for my Human Anatomy for Artists class (even though I almost passed out while studying one of the college's cadavers). There's also a Costume Construction course, which is awesome, because I can work on my sewing skills. I decided to take it slow this year and only sign up for a few classes, so I'm greatly enjoying my newfound free time between class projects. I also have roommates who are REALLY easy to live with, which is remarkably refreshing.

It's nice to be getting back into the groove of things after being artistically apathetic for two years. I'm hoping to soon have some artwork I deem worthy of posting to this site, and finally finish that bat costume I've been promising for so long.

I love you guys. I really do. For everyone who's still watching me, thanks for sticking around. =)
  • Mood: Optimism
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  • Playing: The Suffering, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
  • Eating: Lost souls
  • Drinking: The tears of orphans


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
'Ello, guys!

My name's Heather. I'm a happy little ray of sunshine with a mildly dark soul. Consequently, I get along with all sorts of people.

Me on the outside. :iconhurrwalleyedplz::icondererplz:
Me on the inside. :iconevilgrin2plz::icondeathfaceplz:

I am:

An avid cat-lover
A junior in college
An amateur costume-maker
Almost five feet tall
A Mormon
A sucker for beautiful men with long hair
A metalhead
A peacekeeper
My own worst critic
A procrastinator
An empath
Someone to come to if you need an extra dose of love :)
An excellent hugger
ALWAYS here for you when you need me.

If ever you're having a rough go or just need to rant to somebody about life, don't be afraid to note me. I can't stand to see sadness in anybody, and if you'll give me a chance to lift you up a bit, I'll do my very best to do so. I may not always know how to respond... but I just want you to know that there's at least one person out there who cares greatly for your well-being, and that one person is me. :meow:

Oh look, I can do polls and stuff. 

11 deviants said That's awesome! Now go draw something sexy. No, really.
4 deviants said Cake is good.
3 deviants said I love how you have to move out in a week and you still spend ludicrous amounts of time on dA.
2 deviants said Shouldn't you be working on your werewolf costume?
1 deviant said What a fulfilling discovery.
No deviants said You should change your username while you're at it. It's stupid.



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